Friday, May 11, 2012

MONSTER! Andrew Bynum - Triple Double No Assist

Game 1: Andrew Bynum 10 points, 10 blocks, 13 rebounds
The Denver Nuggets have pushed the LA Lakers to Game 7 after being down 1-3. Bynum delivered a 'Monster' Game 1 performance that brought to life a brilliant Kanye lyric from 'Monster'.
MONSTER by Kanye West ft Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross & Bon Iver
and I'm bout to take it to another level bitch
there you go again, ain't nobody as cold as this
do the rap and the track triple double no assist
but my only focus is staying on some bogus shit
argue with my older bitch acting like I owe her shit 
Since I've got some juice on the Lakers pulling through, I'm not invested on an underdog victory for this series. I'd just made a 'Beat LA' wallpaper so this Andrew Bynum wallpaper is my way of redressing the balance.

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