Sunday, May 6, 2012

Brand new "Beat the Heat" & "Beat LA" wallpapers

'Beat the Heat' wallpaper
'Beat LA' wallpaper
"Brand New" by Rhymefest feat. Kanye West
Now ain't - that about a bitch
And I'ma talk shit until I'm out of hits
They don't want to turn they speakers up they claim I ain't deep enough
All that talkin' I feed off of - keep it up
I'm relaxin' my feet is up - I'm leavin' you haters
Like when Shaq left the Lakers just to "Heat" it up
Seeing as the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat matchup for the 2nd rd has been finalised, Boom Baby productions has released their own 'Beat the Heat' merch. Find it at the Pacers NBA store here.
I suspect OKC will release their own Beat LA shirts so I'll update the wallpaper accordingly.

'Beat the Heat' Wallpaper: Pacers update

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