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Coolspotting: 30HG '2015 NBA RoadTrip' Champagne and Campaign spots (2 of 2)

It'll be interesting negotiating the trip with 3 other people with various interests. I'll have a fellow running mate who's also a Hoops and HipHop head, a Buffet enthusiast and a foodie. Personally I enjoy exploring subcultures and supporting local scenes, from wrestling, Punk & HipHop to Comedy. It's something I seek at home and in my travels, in some cases it overlaps with my love for Basketball. We'll be working together to tick off our collective to-do lists as we explore each neighborhood.

The '30 Home Games' Inside/Outside game
We come for the Basketball, we stay for the Culture
Our local contact in New York will be particularly handy, especially for finding local parks to ball in. One of the first things he did after relocating from Sydney was to find a local Hoops league in Manhattan. I'm not a stellar player and haven't had to face tough competition in my travels. Basketball has not been widely played in many Countries I've visited, relative to National Sports like Soccer and certainly its popularity in the States. I'll need to improve my game in the months leading up to the North America trip.
- 30HG NBA Destinations: WrestleMania 29 and Indy Wrestling
- 30HG Destination Spotlight: Finding Comedy in the NBA Cities

- NBA Cities: Eastern Conference
- 30HG mission: Atlantic Division map (Brooklyn, New York, Philadelphia)
- 30HG mission: Central Division map (Chicago, Cleveland)

Below are the many places of interest in the respective NBA cities:

2015 NBA RoadTrip: New York
New York Knicks
Madison Square Garden 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, 
New York, New York 10001 
TimeOut New York Comedy listings:
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
Comedy Cellar
Gotham Comedy Club
Carolines on Broadway
- Whiplash [UCB Theatre]
- Cake Shop

- Billionaire Boys Club/BBC Bee Line
- Kith
- Staple
- Supreme

2CW Wrestling
- Empire State Wrestling
- Family Wrestling Entertainment
- House of Hardcore
- Warriors of Wrestling

- 'Book of Mormon' on Broadway
I'm New Here--Can You Show Me Around? (Jon Ronson and Maeve Higgins @Union Hall)

Brooklyn Nets 
Barclays Center 620 Atlantic Ave, 
Brooklyn New York 11217 

- Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash

2015 NBA RoadTrip: Philadelphia
#NBAPostcards Philly Roadtrip variant
Philadelphia 76ers
Wachovia Center 3601 S Broad St, 
Philadelphia, PA 19148


- Combat Zone Wrestling
- Dragon Gate USA Pro-Wrestling
- Extreme Rising
- Keystone Championship Wrestling
- Women's Erotic Wrestling

2015 NBA RoadTrip: Cleveland
Cleveland Cavaliers
Quicken Loans Arena 1 Center Ct, 
Cleveland, OH 44115

- Cleveland Improv
- Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant and Club [Hilarities]

- The Grog Shop
- House of Blues

- Mega Championship Wrestling

- The Flats

2015 NBA RoadTrip: Chicago
#NBAPostcards Chi-Town roadtrip variant
Chicago Bulls 
United Center 1901 W. Madison St 
Chicago, Illinois 

- Garrett Popcorn Shops

TimeOut Chicago Comedy listings
- iO Improv Olympic
- Chicago Laugh Factory
Second City
- Zanies Comedy Nightclub

Find my Eastern Conference to-do list here:
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- Coolspotting: 30HG '2015 NBA RoadTrip' Champagne and Campaign spots (2 of 2)
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