Thursday, July 24, 2014

#SummerisSerious 2: Nike's Global Search for the "Baddest" streetballers

Nike have returned with their 'Summer is Serious' campaign and this time it's Global. Culminating in a pickup game in Barcelona, it seems to be capitalising on the congregation of basketball stars that will be in #Spain2014 for the newly named FIBA World Cup of Basketball.

Here is the promo:
Summer is Back and Summer is Serious. And this year we want to see your "baddest"... and because the baddest don't have borders get your passport because this time we're going Global.
We're going from LA to Liverpool, from Pittsburgh to Paris, from Chi-town to China. From the Parking lot to the Pool...
Ladies, fellas you can not hide if you've got game... so we wanna see your Hypnotic Handle, the Teardrop, the Crossover, your Eurostep. We wanna see it all. We don't care where you do it. We don't care how you do it and if you bring your baddest you could be drafted by one of these folks [Harden, Irving, Nowitzki, Diaw etc...] to play in the World's Biggest Pickup game this Summer in Barcelona.
- Film yourself
- Put it online
- Hashtag #SummerisSerious and we'll find it
If you've got game, it could be you. Move em!
'Summer is Serious 2' is going Global
Entrants are eligible from all around the World
1. Film yourself
2. Put it online
3. Hashtag #SummerisSerious and they'll find it
Get drafted by WNBA and NBA International superstars
from Kevin Durant to Marc Gasol.
I'm not sure I have the elite game to be a part of this but I definitely have the passion for Travel and Hoops which is what draws me to this campaign. It would also make it a trifecta having been at FIBA Americas 2013 and EuroBasket 2011. I'm encouraged that they're looking for the "Baddest", I'm sure I satisfy at least one of its meanings.
I'd love to be a part of this somehow.

- Go to the Nike Basketball 'Summer is Serious 2' minisite for more
- Find more about the the FIBA World Cup of Basketball

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