Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Live Basketball Store: Basketball Heaven in Cordoba, Argentina

Argentina are the only team that has comprehensively bested Team USA in International competition (Olympics 2004 and FIBA World Championships 2002). As such I was expecting a healthy support for Basketball. Despite spotting a humble Luis Scola mural and seeing a Manu Ginobili graphic for the Gatorade stand in the Supermercado I'd seen very little. None of the big Sporting stores and brands stocked basketball merch, not even sneakers for the most part. Let alone singlets and shorts.
(Update: I've been told the reason is a trade embargo rather than a lack of demand. Items need to be manufactured in Argentina.)

I was pretty bummed, that was until I discovered 'Live Basketball' in the student town of Cordoba. Occupying the first level it was Basketball paradise. I was in luck as currently there was an exposición for hometown hero Fabricio Oberto. It contained murals, medals, jerseys and sneakers from all his stints playing Basketball around the world including his Championship Ring for with the 2007 San Antonio Spurs and the 2004 Olympic Gold Medal. There were kiosks for each of his teams with videos highlighting his finest plays and Oberto's experience in each city.

The store stocked some cool Argentinian merchandise as well as NBA Gear.
Seriously, Basketball Heaven!

VIDEO: Live Basketball StopMotion

Fabricio Oberto: 10 yrs in NBA
10+ Years representing Argentina's National team

Oberto posing with FIBA and Olympic medals
Oberto's International jerseys and awards
Live Basketball Store
Full Court press
McFarlane Toys NBA Action figures
Manu Ginóbili jerseys
Shoe sizes for Wade, kobe, LeBron, Yao and Shaq
'Live Basketball' Cordoba, Argentina
More about 'Live Basketball':
Peatonal 25 de Mayo 34
Córdoba, Capital
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Update: Found another dedicated Basketball store in Argentina, this time in Rosario.
MVP Store
Tucuman 1319,
Rosario, Santa Fe
MVP Store - Official Facebook page

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