Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thank you 'Couple of Sports' - Finding sports around Europe

'A Memento Year' - Portugal tribute corner
I'd like to thank 'Couple of Sports' for featuring my story on how I scored personalised sneakers during my time in beautiful Lisboa. What I've dubbed my 'Tudo Boms'.

I've only played organised sports a few times in my life. Its in my nature to dabble with things but rarely do I commit to anything long term. I had a range of sporting experience in Europe from playing Volleyball in London, Ultimate Frisbeeing with pros in Bremen, to joining a Parkour session in Munich. As a spectator I watched Ice Hockey in Latvia, watched Lionel Messi and the stars of Barcelona at Camp Nou and toured Lithuania for the duration of EuroBasket 2011.

I indulged in my twin loves of Basketball and Pro-Wrestling all over Europe. I had the pleasure of going to wrestling shows in Spain, Germany and England. Basketball was something I proudly sought and found in each Country which eventually birthed the  '30 Home Games' project.

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