Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Star Basketball Tournament II recap

The 2nd Star Tourney has come and gone. Our team performed admirably but we only managed one win, we stretched the eventual champions in our Semi-Final playoff but our star player and former MVP got injured in the final 3 minutes. Upon his exit, what was a 3 point separation blew out to a convincing drubbing.

If there's any consolation the final was a nailbiter, with the game being decided by crucial free throws from both team's Star Players. The fallen team's star only managed 1 from 2 at the line. The Tournament's MVP iced both after drawing a foul in the final 15 seconds of the game. Tight D and a crucial block preserved the margin which led to unbridled celebration. The Tournament MVP was spectacular leading his team with Ricky Rubio like vision, dazzling with penetrating spin moves and half court no-looks.

Looking forward to the next tourney.

The Champions celebrate
The teams shake hands after an Epic Final
Check out our sick Yellow unis
The Star Tourney II Champions, The Carbonadoz
Star Tourney II
Our Star player doing what he does best
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