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Inspiration: NBA Season of Drew 2007

When you're undertaking a mission its always good to refer to those who've accomplished the feat before you. Meet Drew, he completed single season stadium tours of the MLB (Baseball), NBA (Basketball) and Big10 (American Football).
Drew's tattoo of the landmarks from each NBA City
Drew capping the year at Game 3 of the 2008 NBA Finals between the Celts and Lakers
The Beginning...  (Saturday, August 4, 2007)
It's Thursday, August 2nd. I'm walking home from work at about 7:30 PM CST. It has been approximately one year since what my friends deemed "Summer of Drew," when I toured America visiting all of the sites and baseball stadiums. I begin to think how challenging, if not impossible that would have been to accomplish in 2006 had I been responsible for a job and not had several thousands of dollars saved in my bank account.
A few steps later I realized that I had just challenged myself to complete a similar task with a real job and without the money I once had. I try and ignore this idea, but unfortunately its not going away.
My goal is to visit all 29 NBA Arenas around the nation. Now many of you may say "Wait, there are 30 teams!" Yes, there are 30 teams, but the LA Lakers and LA Clippers both play at the Staples Center. I will however, be sure to attend both a Lakers and Clippers game, making it 30 games...
Drew lists a set of targets as he polishes his schedule and gets ready to embark on his NBA tour. Reading the early stages of the project you can sense the trepidation and uncertainty one imagines going through before undertaking such a mission. Its a great achievement and one I hope to complete with my own flair.
The Final Countdown... (Friday, November 2, 2007)
So here we are...hours away from the NBA Tour. Although I started planning in August, it came up ridiculously fast (goes to show how quickly life moves when you're motivated about something. As I head out for this venture, I've set 10 goals for myself.
  1. Foremost is to see a home game of ALL 30 NBA teams. Regular season games during the 2007-08. Who cares if you can do it in a lifetime. Challenge yourself and do it in a single year. 
  2. To appear on a national television broadcast regarding the NBA. This one stems from my mother laughing at the idea of me achieving this. Time to prove her wrong. 
  3. Make it to an NBA Finals game. The only way this one will occur is if the NBA helps me. Drawing attention to my tour is the only means of making this happen. 
  4. Receiving a handshake from NBA Commissioner David Stern and a Thank You for supporting for going all out as a fan of this sport. I want to be NBA Fan of the Year. I would prefer this happen at my final game in Milwaukee on April 12th, but I'll take it anytime. 
  5. Attend NBA all-star weekend. This one isn't in the way I can afford this, so the only way this one happens is if I receive some serious help. 
  6. Help the popularity of the NBA. I want fans to get back into the NBA again. Let's not make this sport an afterthought. I want it to return to its glory days during the Jordan era. 
  7. To change the perspective of one individual. I hope that someone who follows my tour will challenge him or herself to do something out of the ordinary, to not accept what seems to be the only option, and to think big. 
  8. To not ruin myself financially. My lifestyle probably violates every financial principle, so I'd love to pull this off and still be able to live to tell about it. 
  9. To make new friends around the country. The baseball tour provided me with several lasting friendships that i still actively keep in touch with today (& you'll soon see will facilitate the NBA tour in big ways). 
  10. Possibly the most desirable & most difficult goal will remain silent. If you follow my tour, it will likely reveal itself to you in time. I can not begin to explain how nervous I am as the time is quickly approaching. 
On a daily basis I worry about the financial aspect and every other day I worry about the weather/transit. Flights to the various cities will surely be difficult to "go off without a hitch" when you live in the Milwaukee/Chicago region. Nothing else worries me at this point. I learned enough about the world during my baseball tour & I've got the drive to make everything else work.
Simply inspirational
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