Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kevin Couliau: Streetball photographer and co-director of 'Doin' It In The Park : Pick-Up Basketball, NYC'

via the 'Doin' It In The Park' Facebook page
I've been shooting forgotten basketball courts for a decade now. From NYC, the Carribean Islands, The Bahamas, Romania... and now the Greek Islands - it's always fascinating to see how global the game is. Greece might count more playgrounds than any other European country, basketball is a religion over here as well. I took this shot on the beautiful island of Santorini, in the city of Megalochori. I'll share more photos as soon as my 35mm film will be developed and my vacation over ;)
- Kevin Couliau
VIDEO: The Creative Journey ep.02 (DIY Filmmaking)

Kevin Couliau is the co-director of 'Doin' It In The Park' a documentary I'll have the privilege of seeing this Wednesday at a screening courtesy of Brown Class Cinemas. Kevin is a Frenchman with a brilliant portfolio of Photos and Video lovingly capturing the culture of Basketball.

Kevin's exploration of Basketball is an inspiration for my own journey. Whilst Kevin's work is technically and artistically brilliant, the aspect I'm most drawn to is how his documentation and interest in hoops has allowed him to access foreign experiences and connect with strangers who share a mutual love.

When I was traveling around Europe finding basketball experiences, the novelty of me being a curious Australian in a suburban court, coupled with Basketball being a niche interest was the only passport I needed to get accepted by the people. As basketball is more prevalent in America and there would be a lack of novelty being a largely multicultural Country I wonder if there is a higher emphasis on status or bringing "game". I'm looking forward to the documentary shedding some light on those questions.

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