Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easts Basketball League presents 'Basketball Day' @ The Projects

Easts Basketball League will be having its 3rd 'Basketball Day' at The Projects' space at the Vic on the Park courtyard. 30HomeGames participated at the last event and hopes to again this time around. Below are photos taken by my housemate B*. Hope to see you guys there.

Basketball Day @TheProjects, Sunday Mar 24
The 3on3 won't be in conjunction with the 'One Day' HipHop crew like last time. The 'One Day Sundays' are scheduled for the Final Sunday of the month. You can expect the same offering of Ball, Beats and Booze.

VIDEO: 'One Day Sundays' at Vic on the Park, Marrickville

Photos from the 'One Day Sunday' event, February 24th

We got next
Flight school
Nothing beats Courtside
Ramping up

To the rack
Bombs away
- 30HomeGames will be at 'The Projects and Easts Basketball Game 3-on-3 Comp'
- The Projects Enmore
Easts Basketball League

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Miami Heat 'Reheat it' wallpapers

The Miami Heat (44 - 14) extended their win streak to 16 after a gutsy victory over rebuilding Florida rivals, the Orlando Magic (17 - 44). The Heat are in Championship form, looking for a repeat trip to the Finals. I've been making 'Beat it LA' wallpapers featuring the Playoff Contenders in the West, the Los Angeles Lakers (30 - 31) pulled out a gutsy win of their own over the lowly New Orleans Hornets (21 - 40).

#BeatitLA on hold. The Lakers rising in the standings 
The Superteam of the Heat are in a different stratosphere to the Lakers. The conversation has been about their dominance, cohesion and record breaking greatness. I've made my own meme for them 'Reheat it' featuring their Eastern Conference Playoff contenders.

#ReHeatIt Miami Heat looking to be repeat NBA Champions